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"Oh, my gosh…You have blue hair!!!


"Why yes, it just so happens that I do. Do you like it?"



      {|G|}—  Woah was that a highschooler? Gumi came to a sliding stop, hopping back a few feet to take a second look, not thinking she had seen right the first time. No her eyes were playing tricks why would a student be here didn’t they have school. To the diva’s surprise she was right.
                                                It really was a highschool student.


            So what was she doing here of all places, shouldn’t they be in school in a office building, an Internet Co, building at that too. Was she cutting classes, no she didn’t look like the kind to skip maybe there was a school trip. That would make sense but did Internet co. even give school tours?

         Ne, ne, miss shouldn’t you be in school or something?

The sudden skidding of rubber against tile caused Ryoko to snap out of her pondering. Barely any time to herself in this new area and already she had someone on her case about being an out of place high school student. This was just what she needed.

Or maybe it was what she needed. Yes. This young woman could give her the data she needed and not be the wiser. Ryoko beamed at her and fully turned to face her. The sickly sweet voice that poured fourth from her lips did not match the crafty thoughts in her head at all.

"I suppose so, shouldn’t I? But I’m actually on a very important errand right now. It’s a very urgent errand, mind you." She gave the lady a once-over, from the top of her head to the bottom of her shoes. "…Would you be willing to lend me some assistance with what I need, miss?"

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Sigh.. Finally, exams were over. Surely, studying with Nagato at the library must’ve had /some/ effect. Ah, who am I kidding? I was probably destined to fail..

Really doesn’t matter. Haruhi and Koizumi are definitely not going to be at the clubroom today. That was a good thing, probably. After all, only one can take so much of Haruhi Suzumiya’s eccentricities before they snap. I’m surprised that Koizumi managed to deal with her for so long. Then again, he does have feelings for her.

Yare, yare.. I wonder if Taniguchi would be able to tell him what it’s like dating Haruhi. Then again, his relationship only lasted about.. Ten minutes? Or was it seconds? It really doesn’t matter, the guy had a horrible history with women. 

“Hey, Asakura! How did you do on the exams?” Why on earth did I ask her that question? We were in our third year of highschool, and I know for a fact she’s a straight “A” student.. Then again, she does study. Nagato doesn’t have to study, and she manages to get an “A”.. Seriously, I’ve been exposed to the both of them since highschool started. Surely, something must’ve rubbed off on me.. Bah, it probably wasn’t beneficial in any way or form. 

"Well, Nagato’s probably at the clubroom by now. Why don’t we go fetch her, and we can all go out for ice cream or something. My treat, of course."


Weeks before, everyone in school had been dreading exams. The word alone killed any fun that anyone had been planning over the weekend and the weeks leading up to it had been like a slow death-walk. But a few hours and sore fingers later, they were all finished with and everyone had gone back to their old jovial selves. It was like the previous weeks had never happened.

Well, Ryoko was an exception. Jovial was one of her default moods and she had kept up her smiles throughout her periods of studying with Yuki and Kyon. There were times when it had been… strained, but she had maintained a positive attitude overall. Ever the teacher’s pet, she had spent her last few minutes of class collecting the remaining test packets for Okabe and setting them down on his desk. Ryoko slowed down her pace once she had heard Kyon call out to her.

”I think I did well enough on this one! I didn’t arrange all those study-buddy sessions for nothing, you know.” She was certain that if she hadn’t, Yuki would have blown most of her studying on her video games and Kyon would have spent it sleeping. It wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch to say that the end of exams meant a break from both studying and Ryoko’s henpecking.

Once she was done with her job as class representative, she scuttled back to her desk for her things. Ice-cream after exams sounded like something that would sweeten her mood. Even sweeter was the fact that it wasn’t coming out of her wallet this time.

Ryoko trudged up to Kyon, one arm looped under the strap of her schoolbag. “That sounds good! Nagato will love that. And my wrist does need something cold for it.” A crackle came from her right wrist as she flexed it. Leaning over your desk on your arm for a few hours in class will do that to you.


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"Mmm, what do we have here? I don’t believe I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing your pretty face before! I’m Enoshima Junko-san, but feel free to call me Junko-chan if you want! Or Jun-chan, or Enoshima-dono, or Junko-hime, or any other lovely name you can possibly think of!
                                                Sure is nice to meet you, friend!”


"Enoshima Junko? I feel as though I have heard your name and seen your face before, miss. Yes, you look very familiar to me. …I’ll stick with just Junko-chan, if that’s fine with you. I am Asakura Ryoko. I go by either name where I’m from, and gladly accept either one.”

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"Ryoko Asakura, Ryoko Asakura… Asakura…" Monoe repeated to herself, as if trying to find what sounds right. "Alright, Asakura. You know, there is a price to be paid if you ever want to leave this endless desert." No there isn’t, Monoe, don’t make jokes like that with strangers.

"A price? I wasn’t aware that there was one for entering this place. What is it?" If it wasn’t too steep, then maybe she would actually pay it. If not…

Well, there were always other ways to avoid a payment.

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"Oh my…I like your name. It sounds amazing." Momoko complimented.

"You do? Enough to say that? Why, thank you very much. I’ve always considered it to be pretty ordinary though."




Momoko took a close look at the new visitor. She was hoping that this visitor wasn’t evil.


"Hello. My name is Momoko." Momoko would greet after.

Her first venture into new territory and already Ryoko was being greeted by a cute and friendly face. If only all her ventures outside Nishinomiya could start like this.

"Hello to you, too! I’m Ryoko, Momoko. Ryoko Asakura."

sliceofknife meets the leader of the Unknown



"Oh please. I’d rather deal with Kyon than with a humanoid interface.”

Not that she had anything against  Ryoko Asakura but she’d rather not to deal with trouble. With the agency keeping both eyes on her and the Unknown, she wasn’t in the mood of dealing with her ‘shitty’ brother. Yes, she did came out rude but she did got a reason; she refused to be push around by other people especially other supernatural beings.

Mayhap, she had already started drama, thanks to her usual cold-toned self.

What a rude little girl. And one that seemed to know too much at best.

"Ohhh…. I’m so sorry that you weren’t expecting my company today, miss. Truly, I am," she cooed. Ryoko’s act probably would have been more believable if she had bothered to wipe away the sickly sweet smile she had glued on her face. "I wasn’t expecting yours either. Nor was I expecting you to know all about that aspect of my life. Why don’t you make things easy for yourself and explain yourself to me in full. I’m feeling generous today.”

And if she tried anything smart on her? Oh, they would cross that bridge sooner or later.